Vivo! Stalowa Wola

Leasable area / GLA: 31,600 m²
Plot area: 10 ha
Number of commercial and service premises: 86
DIY: 9,500 m²
Supermarket: 2,500 m²
Shopping mall: 19,600 m²
Number of parking spaces: 1,000
Opening: November 5, 2015

VIVO! Stalowa Wola is a single-storey building with an area of ​​22,500m², offering 83 retail and service stores. With its reach, VIVO! Stalowa Wola has 400,000 inhabitants within a 30-40 minute driveway, including Tarnobrzeg with 50,000 inhabitants and Sandomierz with 25,000 inhabitants. VIVO Center! Stalowa Wola is located right next to the national road leading to Sandomierz and Rzeszów, which connects the city with the entire region. The road infrastructure around the investment provides easy access to the car park and the tenants’ delivery area.

When building the center, we wanted the architectural design to be associated with the region and its cities, hence the Vivo’s construction uses many elements of steel, Sandomierz flint and references to the San River.